Bars Session:

“I was skeptical at first, but afterward, I felt rejuvenated and well rested!  I had a Tarot card reading and my Bars run. It was reassuring having the Tarot cards confirm what I had suspected was happening in my life.  After having my Bars run, I felt incredibly refreshed, especially after recently travelling abroad.  The next morning, I bounced out of bed and felt like my regular self again!  Thanks Audrey!”

Brandi  from Red Deer, AB

Card Reading

Audrey is $%&# awesome!

Tracy R. from Edmonton, AB

Card Reading

It's always such a pleasure getting a reading from Audrey! She is a natural; it amazes me how accurate the cards depict what is transpiring in my life. I enjoy seeing Audrey on the regular as a tool for extra guidance and clearing! She comes highly recommended! 

Linsay D. from Edmonton, AB

Card Reading

Audrey is a talented card reader and medium! Her reading felt extremely accurate and her messages were relevant to my circumstances. I really enjoyed my session with Audrey and would recommend her to anyone looking for some extra guidance!

Melissa M. from Edmonton, AB

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